on time delivery

ON-TIME DELIVERY close communication within our client’s system to ensure our clients’ customers specific delivery instructions are followed

▪ ‘First Time/Attempt Delivery’   measuring our success rate in hand-delivering goods to our clients’ customers.

▪ We have 99% + on-time delivery rating from our key e-commerce client.

operation center

NETWORK OPERATIONS CENTER helps to manage end-to-end logistics from meeting our client’s ‘critical–pull-time’ to over the threshold delivery .Manage on-road- disruptions in real time and communicate the most efficient routing to our drivers.  ▪ The NOC serves as an interface between our client and our client’s customer. Our customer service teams are available 24/7 to manage the logistics of our and our client’s transport which also gives us up-to-date information to convey to our clients’ customers ▪ in the near-term, our expertise and performance as a NOC is a service we can market and sell to other e-commerce and logistics companies ▪

client system

ADAPT TO OUR CLIENTS’ SYSTEMS ▪ we are technology agnostic to our customers’ platforms valuing  our client’s systems versus mapping third party logistics systems to our clients’ internal systems ▪ Our recording and transparency provides  clients confidence and trust ▪ We maintain strict records about the health and performance of our fleet in Fleetio ▪ Proper fleet maintenance ensures our trucks and vans are 100% operational which produces our high on -time delivery times and enhances out drivers safety  ▪ Competency on our clients’ systems is essential to our efficiency ▪  complete transparency to the status of every shipment

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